Friday, December 17, 2010

The Byrds - 1970-01-04

Haven't put up any music by these guys yet, and I think it's about fine time.  I'm trying to put up music everyday till Christmas. So far so good. And it's been  a challenge not only to find the time, but also to share something worth while. I think this recording fits that bill. What we have here is a crystal clear soundboard recording, of both the early and late night concerts. Don't you wish bands still did this? How great would it be to go see your favorite band twice in one day. You could go sober for the first one, and then hit the bar, so you could tear it up on the late night show. That way you could at least remember one of the sets. Anyways, enjoy this beautiful recording of the first psychedelic country rockers, The Byrds. Recorded live at the Fillmore West in San Fransisco.

Set List:

early show:
You Ain't Going Nowhere
Feel A Whole Lot Better
Old Blue
You All Look Alike
Positively 4th Street
Jesus Is Just Alright
Mr. Spaceman
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Take a City Bride pt 1//
//Take a City Bride pt 2
Turn! Turn! Turn!
Mr. Tambourine Man
Eight Miles High pt 1
Eight Miles High pt 2
Hold It

late show:
Feel A Whole Lot Better
This Wheels On Fire
Positively 4th Street
Roll Over Beethoven
Close Up the Honky Tonks medley
So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
You Don't Miss Your Water                  
Jesus Is Just Alright
Nashville West
Turn! Turn! Turn!
Mr. Tambourine Man//
Eight Miles High
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Hold It

***The Byrds 1970-01-04**

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