Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reconstruction - Civic Auditorium; Santa Monica, CA 7/22/79

The Reconstruction was a band put together by John Kahn, featuring Jerry Garcia on guitar.  This soundboard is packed with jam funk instrumentals mostly. If you are expecting this to sound like the Grateful Dead, you would be seriously mistaken. This is more funk psychedelia. It does not disappoint. Unfortunately  this band only lasted for about 8 months, it did make some amazing music. This concert is definitely one of them.

Set List:
1. Welcome to the Basement ->
2. Bass solo ->
3. Welcome to the Basement ->
4. Fast Tone
5. Nessa ->
6. Bass solo  ->
7. Drum solo  ->
8. Nessa 
9. That's What Love Will Make You Do 

***Reconstruction 1979-07-22***

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