Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Kinks - 1979-08-10

The Kinks live in Detroit, Michigan, at Cobo Arena on the 10th of August 1979. This soundboard is amazing A++. Crisp, crisp, crispy, crisp. Not to mention it's the tour for my favorite album by them. Low Budget. I absolutly love that album. This concert plays all the best cuts off the record. "A Gallon of Gas" being one of my favorites. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. Like six hours longer. Hey, I can dream. My work around is hitting repeat.

Set List:

   1. Life on the Road 7:17
   2. Permanent Wave 6:02
   3. Lola 6:12
   4. Misfits 5:59
   5. Low Budget 8:15
   6. Superman 8:10
   7. You really got me 4:15
   8. A Gallon of Gas 9:58
   9. Celluloid Heroes 7:15
  10. All Day and all of the Night 5:43
  11. Pressure 2:50


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