Friday, December 3, 2010

Monster Magnet - Middle East Cafe Cambridge, MA 1993-11-06

To help celebrate the release of Monster Magnet's new album "Mastermind".   Here is a soundboard recording made by the radio station WBCN. This is back when WBCN actually had a strong play-list, and Monster Magnet was pumping out some serious psychedelic space junk. I had the great fortune of being able to attend this show with my friends. Though my mind was seriously under heavy psychedelic pressure, I do remember having the time of my life. And this recording only helps to reverberate it all back into my mind. So, in the words of Dave Wyndorf  "Down that medicine now!"

Set List:
Snake Dance
Nod Scene 
Twin Earth
Cage Around The Sun
Face Down
Evil (Going On)
Spine Of God
Black Mastermind

***Monster Magnet 1993-11-06***

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