Tuesday, December 28, 2010

13th Floor Elevators - Avalon Ballroom 1966

I wasn't going to post anything for a bit, but I came across this, and was to excited to hold off.  I've had a few versions of this recording for quite sometime. As I'm sure many of you hardcore Elevator fans have as well. So, what's so great about this one? Let me tell you. According to the info that I got with it, this is a 2nd clone copy of the original soundboard recording. Which means the sound quality is spectacular. It is definitely the best source that I have come across thus far. It is also the most complete recording of this concert. I'm very excited to have this, as I hope all of you will be too.

Set List:

1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2. Before You Accuse Me
3. You Don't Know
4. Splash 1
5. I'm Gonna Love You Too
6. You Really Got Me
7. Fire Engine
8. Roll Over Beethoven
9. The Word
10. Monkey Island
11. Roller Coaster 
12. You're Gonna Miss Me
13. Fire Engine
14. You Really Got Me
15. Roll Over Beethoven
16. Mercy, Mercy
17. Tried To Hide
18. Gloria
19. Fire Engine
20. You're Gonna Miss Me
21. Roller Coaster

***13th Floor Elevators - Avalon Ballroom 1966***
****NOTE: If anyone would like this in lossless format let me know in the comments. And I will gladly share it with you.****

o1/28/2011 Here are the FlAC versions many have requested.
****13th Floor Elevators- Avalon 1966 (FLAC)Part 1*** 
****13th Floor Elevators- Avalon 1966 (FLAC)Part 2*** 


Omayyad said...

Please release it lossless!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot...
Amazing Sound Quality!!!
Like a Ride through time