Saturday, December 11, 2010

LSD, A Documentary Report - 1966

Released by Capitol Records in 1966.  With the growing popularity of LSD at the time, Capitol felt the need to capitalize on LSD. This album is definitely tripped out. I mean Dick Clark is the narrator. That alone trips me out. The music and the sound effects are great. Listening to people trip out.  Dr. Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsburg also make an appearance on this album. I'm not sure if Capital is trying to scare you away from LSD, or drive you straight to it. Lord knows after I listened to album, I was ready to find a travel agent and drop a cap. And remember "Before you pass judgment. Please listen to it."  Then drop out.


Anonymous said...

artwork not extractable :-(
thanks, anyway

Sinner3 said...

I just downloaded the album, and the artwork was fine. Try re-downloading.
There is nothing wrong with it.