Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can - Lyon January 1976

I absolutly love this recording.  Not only is the concert amazing, so is the soundboard. Can's instrumental jams are unstoppable. One hundred percent pure liquid psychedelia. It tickles your ear hairs in every tripped out way possible. Track eight is 33 minutes long broken into three sections. It has to be my favorite of the set. This to me is a great late night listen, with the lights down low. Burn some incense and a candle, or maybe turn on a red light. Whatever gives your eyes that psychedelic help. Smoke some of your favorite smoke that you've been saving for a special occasion. And then just let this music wash over you. Clear your mind and let that music helpyou think about something new. Have a nice voyage.

Set List: 

01 - Intro  
02- Citrus  
03 - Red Hot Indians  
04 - Dizzy Dizzy   
05 - Annoucement / Entr'acte 
06 - Chain Reaction 
07 - One More Night   
08 - a) Vernal Equinox  
        b) More Spree  
        c) Vitamin C   

***Can - Lyon 1975-01***

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